What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a website metrics Provided by Seomoz to predict website score on Search Engine.

It is score between 1-100.

With the help of Domain Authority(DA) you can compare one site to another site also track the website strength time to time.

you can get Domain Authority(DA) score by calculating metrics by combining All links like root domains, number of total link, MOZRank, MozTrust into a single score.  Also Domain Authority is Dependent on Age, Popularity and size factor.

If your website is new then you have 0(Zero) Domain Authority(DA).

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How to Calculate Domain Authority Score?

Seomoz uses Google’s Search result to score Domain Authority Score.

Domain Authority(DA) higher value means your website ranked better compare to others with same content and other metric
When you check your website with Domain Authority Checker tool, will find following detaisl:
Domain Authority(max=100):1.0
Page Authority (Max =100):1.0
Linking Root Domain: 0
Total Links: 0

you can check your website domain authority score at: Domain Authority Checker

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When I am writing this blog on Domain Authority(DA), my blog sparklingTalk.com domain authority score is 1(one). Yes, I am telling you truth. This is a task for me to improve domain authority score of sparklingtalk.com and you will find that within few weeks this score is going higher.


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