Blogging have many profitable niche that have potential to make money online. Your blog make money you cannot imaging.

To make money online from blogging you must choose right niche in which you have interest.

Your interest in niche make to create great content.

Here are the list of Profitable niche which make money in blogging:


Technology is evergreen niche which make money in blogging. Technology niche have no limit. You can find many micro niche in technology niche.

You can write blog for future technology, solve technology related problem, Smartphone related article, Android App related article, Iphone Related article.

Personal Finance

A popular nich which appeals to a wider audience.

People are always looking for different ways to save money and increase their wealth. Personal finance such as Insurance advice, Investment, mutual fund, IPO, Share, SIP are popular way to invest.

Health and fitness

People want to live fit and healthy so they looking for diet, workout, yoga, excersise etc. Health and fitness have many micro niche in which you can write blog.


A evergreen niche which never die. Everyday new trend coming in market. If you have interest in Fashion then you can write blog related to makeup, Hair styling, trendy wearables etc.

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When joint family exist earlier, then their is no need to know about parenting because our elder have every type of knowlege but today modern days, in city we live as nuclear family or independent family.

No elder person have to suggest about parenting, so people always looking online about parenting.

Parenting niche have many micro-miche such as Child Vaccination, Child Food, Child Health, Child Education.

You can also write article for special child, disable child etc

Food and cooking

Food and cooking is popular and profitable niche, so you can write blog about India food, Indian food state wise such as Maharatrian Recipe , Continental cusine and country specific cusine.

Food and cooking blog have many options to monitize.

Video Game

Video Game is also evergreen niche. Children to young people like to play game and in smartphone age, people like to play video game whenever they get chance


Globalization boosted traveling a lot. People want to know knew place to explore. So, they look information online for what to see, where to stay, what to purchase etc

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing become popular in recent time. When a person purchase any item from your affiliate link of ecommerce site. Then you get a certain parts of sale. So you need to write about affiliate product blog and add that product affiliate link.


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